Das Languedoc-Roussillon (okzitanisch Lengadòc-Rosselhon, katalanisch Llenguadoc-Rosselló) ist eine Region im Süden Frankreichs. Die Region umfasst die an der Mittelmeerküste liegenden Départements Aude, Gard, Hérault...mehr
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Château Pech Latt is located near Lagrasse, a charming medieval village located high in the heart of the Corbières appellation, in the Languedoc Roussillon region of France. The vineyard has been cultivated organically since 1991. The estate spreads over 340 hectares, encircled by garrigue covered hills. These calcareous and red marl hills create a natural shelter, offering protection from weather changes and the strong winds of the South. The name Pech Latt comes from this particular environment: Pech means “top of a hill” and Latt, from the Latin ‘Latum’, which means “large”. The first vines, planted by monks from the Lagrasse Abbey that was founded by Charlemagne, can be traced back to 784 A.D. As a pioneer of quality, Chateau Pech Latt was one of the first vineyards to convert to organic viticulture in the South of France. The vineyard is worked using only natural and mechanical methods.