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Margaret s Hope Tea Garden, Darjeeling

Margaret\'s Hope
P. O. Tung 734224
Dist – Darjeeling

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Planted out in this lovely location, about a century ago, the unusual name ‘Margaret’s Hope’ was given to the garden in 1927, by the owner Mr. Cruikshank. His daughter, Margaret, enchanted by the beauty of this garden, was deeply attached to the place. Before leaving for England, she promised to return. Unfortunately, she died of a lethal tropical disease on board the ship, never to return. Thus, her dream remained unfulfilled and her father christened the garden in her memory. Earlier the garden was known as Bara -Ringtong. Two pretty rivers flow through the estates. The teas grow at elevations of 915 metres to 1830 metres and are predominantly China bushes. Margaret’s Hope, is as romantic a place as its name suggests. Occasional views of the awesome Himalayan peaks, the abundance of erns and trees, the wild flowers and gushing streams, the velvety moss, lichens and orchids seem to beckon the China bushes to create some of the most exquisite teas in the country. Qualitatively, Margaret’s Hope is listed amongst the very top of Darjeeling estates and boasts of a very loyal clientele.

The Margaret’s Hope Tea Centre is located on the. road where the choicest of teas are available. Besides purchasing tea leaves the Tea Centre is provided with the facility to taste the teas of your choice amidst a lovely view of the valley.


Margerets Hope - Plantagenportrait

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Darjeeling Margaret's Hope, Himalaya
Darjeeling Margaret's Hope, Himalaya
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